BMW R 1200LC/1250 GS/A Panniers

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471.00 498.00  exc. Vat

Panniers with gap for exhaust.
48L – 41L capacity.
All listed prices are for a set of two panniers.



Heavy Duties Panniers built to withstand adventure.

The panniers we are now producing are the result of many testing hours, reflecting our evolution as engineers and travellers.
They combine utility and attractive design with sturdiness.

  • Made of 2 mm high grade aluminium alloy with 14 bending lines to ensure a high strength of the final structure, while maintaining a good balance between sturdiness and weight.
  • Innovative deep drawn lid and bottom. Deep drawing (cold forming) increases the structural resistance of the panniers and their waterproof qualities, while eliminating the need for welded corners.
  • Riveted bottom, sealed with silicone and an exchangeable rubber EPDM gasket securing the lid’s inner eversion to body contact surface and providing dust proof and waterproof storage in driving rain and water crossings.
  • 13 faces hard plastic corners. In house, mould injected high density polyethylene, with increased wear resistance, providing abrasion protection for the pannier’s corners. Exchangeable.
  • CNC milled and TIG welded. Robot and hand weld with attention to details. CNC milled for a perfect finish.
  • 4 plastic straps holders attached to the lid. In house, mould injected polyethylene, with increased wear resistance, round edges to avoid abrasion of the strap material, designed for different strap sizes. Exchangeable.
  • The panniers are securely attached and locked to the steel racks using high strength polyethylene mounting brackets. The fixing system is bolted on the panniers using 14 screws and nuts with thread lock. Our innovative panniers fixing system design allows release of the pannier from the rack in case of a strong shock in a force impact.
  • 1.5 mm laser cut steel toggle latch with Heavy Duties rhino stamping and one key for both panniers key lock system.

In case you would like to mount our panniers on a different rack and you would like to have the panniers without drilled holes for the fixing system, please contact us using the form at or write us an email at

In case you would like to have different coating combinations for body and lid (the available colors are aluminium/grey/black), please contact us using the form at or write us an email at

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aluminiun color, black coated, gray coated

Lid Opening

2 locks – removable lids

1 review for BMW R 1200LC/1250 GS/A Panniers

  1. Ingo

    Auf der Suche nach Koffern für meine BMW hatte ich erst die Deutschen Produkte bekannter Hersteller auf dem Plan. Ich kam auf die Firma durch ein Reiseforum wo diese Koffer durchweg gelobt wurden. Also bestellte ich die Koffer mit dem passenden Träger.
    Als sie an kamen schaute ich sie mir genau an und war schon sehr begeistert davon. Die Koffer sind richtig gut verarbeitet und machten einen robusten Eindruck. Ich habe sie jetzt seid 4 Jahren im Einsatz, Straße und auch im Gelände. Sie haben schon mehrere Stürze hinter sich bringen müssen. Und bis auf ein paar Kratzer ist nichts kaputt gegangen, nicht verformt, keine Beulen und der Träger hat sich ebenfalls nicht verformt. Hier merkt man schon das die Anzahl Kantungen eine hohe Stabilität erreichen. Die 2 mm Blechstärke ist ebenfalls von Vorteil. Also ich bin wirklich nach wie vor sehr begeistert von den Koffern und kann sie zu 100% empfehlen. Die Wasserdichtigkeit ist ebenfalls gegeben, bisher bleiben sie immer trocken. Kurzum, ein klasse Produkt zu einen sehr fairen Preis.

    When I was looking for cases for my BMW, I first had German products from well-known manufacturers on my mind. I came across the company through a travel forum where these cases were consistently praised. So I ordered the suitcases with the matching carrier.
    When they arrived I looked at them closely and was very impressed. The cases are really well made and made a robust impression. I’ve been using it for 4 years now, both on the road and off-road. You’ve already had several falls behind you. And apart from a few scratches, nothing has broken, not deformed, no dents and the wearer has not deformed either. Here you can already see that the number of edges achieve a high level of stability. The 2 mm sheet thickness is also an advantage. So I’m really still very enthusiastic about the cases and can recommend them 100%. The water resistance is also given, so far they always stay dry. In short, a great product at a very fair price.

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