KTM 1050/1090/1150/1190/1290 Adventure Panniers

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471.00 498.00  exc. Vat

All listed prices are for a set of two panniers.
We only produce 48/40 l panniers with gap for silencer for KTM 1050/1090/1150/1190/1290 Adventure.



Heavy Duties Panniers built to withstand adventure.

The panniers we are now producing are the result of many testing hours, reflecting our evolution as engineers and travellers.
They combine utility and attractive design with sturdiness.

  • Made of 2 mm high grade aluminium alloy with 14 bending lines to ensure a high strength of the final structure, while maintaining a good balance between sturdiness and weight.
  • Innovative deep drawn lid and bottom. Deep drawing (cold forming) increases the structural resistance of the panniers and their waterproof qualities, while eliminating the need for welded corners.
  • Riveted bottom, sealed with silicone and an exchangeable rubber EPDM gasket securing the lid’s inner eversion to body contact surface and providing dust proof and waterproof storage in driving rain and water crossings.
  • 13 faces hard plastic corners. In house, mould injected high density polyethylene, with increased wear resistance, providing abrasion protection for the pannier’s corners. Exchangeable.
  • CNC milled and TIG welded. Robot and hand weld with attention to details. CNC milled for a perfect finish.
  • 4 plastic straps holders attached to the lid. In house, mould injected polyethylene, with increased wear resistance, round edges to avoid abrasion of the strap material, designed for different strap sizes. Exchangeable.
  • The panniers are securely attached and locked to the steel racks using high strength polyethylene mounting brackets. The fixing system is bolted on the panniers using 14 screws and nuts with thread lock. Our innovative panniers fixing system design allows release of the pannier from the rack in case of a strong shock in a force impact.
  • 1.5 mm laser cut steel toggle latch with Heavy Duties rhino stamping and one key for both panniers key lock system.

In case you would like to mount our panniers on a different rack and you would like to have the panniers without drilled holes for the fixing system, please contact us using the form at https://heavyduties.ro/contact/ or write us an email at heavyduties@gmail.com.

In case you would like to have different coating combinations for body and lid (the available colors are aluminium/grey/black), please contact us using the form at https://heavyduties.ro/contact/ or write us an email at heavyduties@gmail.com.

7 reviews for KTM 1050/1090/1150/1190/1290 Adventure Panniers

  1. svein.nordby

    I got my HD panniers including rack for my KTM 1290 super adventure (T) summer 2018. A number of different brands were considered during a long winter – the choice of HD was based on quality, usability, finish and cost. After 2 seasons of usage, under the often hard climate and weather condition in Norway, i have never ever regret the choice of these panniers. The set was easy to mount, based on the installation manual. The capacity of the boxes is fine, it’s convinient to strap extras on top of the boxes, they are easy to mount on/off, the quality and finish is superb and the look and fit on my KTM could not be better. The order process was outstandingly nice handled, they provide service at the highest level – any question was fully and quick replied.
    I will for sure go for the same set of panniers for my next bike.

  2. Jimmy

    Valises et supports achetés ensembles.
    Ce n’est pas difficile, en terme de rapport qualité/prix, on ne fais pas mieux !!!
    Les valises sont très solides, possible de les configurer comme on le veux, le rendu sur la moto est superbe.. si je devais en racheter, je choisirais les mêmes !
    J’ai envoyé des mails pour ma commande et mon interlocuteur était très sympathique, tout s’est bien passé, de la commande à la livraison.
    Environ 1 semaine de la Roumanie en France ce qui est très raisonnable !

    N’hésitez vraiment pas, ces valises sont top !!!

  3. Tommaso (verified owner)

    Installed my HD panniers on my KTM 1090. These are definitely the best set of panniers you could buy for several reasons:
    1. They look beautiful.
    2. They are well built.
    3. The price is really good for what you get.
    4. They fit perfectly.
    5. As far as I know they are the only pair of panniers that let the KTM 1090 stay under 1 meter of total width once installed (all the majour brands are over 1 meter). –>> European law permits a maximum width of 1 meter for a motorbike (50 cm per side starting from the center of the veichle – no matter what your )!!!!
    6. Last but not least, I had some problems with the shipment in Italy and the guys of HD have been enormously kind and helped so much to solve the situation. This is the kind of service everyone would love to experience. Thank you so much!


    • Heavy Duties Team

      Thank you very much for you kind words, Tomasso!

  4. Stefan (verified owner)

    This is my second Heavyduties pannier set and they even got better. Build quality is great, weldings are clean and precise and last but not least – they come close to the look of adventure cases as i imagine them. In combination with a reasonable pricing that doesn´t let you feel the urge of robbing a bank, they come close to “outstanding”.
    The mounting system is as clever as simple and so the panniers can be removed quickly if needed.
    I hope that i will not be forced to test their crash-resistancy, but the used material and the look and feel ist trustworthy.
    And on top a great thanks to the heavyduties-logistic-team for extremely quick processing of the order and rapid shipment – chapeau !

  5. Erwin.L (verified owner)

    Ich bin mit dem Equipment sehr zufrieden. Weist eine hohe Qualität und Präzision auf. Bestellt hatte ich mir beiden packtaschen für die KTM 1290 super adventure. Mit dem Händler bin ich auch sehr zufrieden, reibungslose Abwicklung sowie top Kundenservice. Verschiedene Fragen wurden sofort beantwortet. Auch bei Nachbestellungen wurde mir sofort geholfen. Ein großes Lob von mir und weiter so Jungs.

  6. Oscar (verified owner)

    Excellent product, perfect packaging and very fast delivery (10 days to Italy). I think theese are the best panniers for KTM 1190 adventure about price, quality and measures/volume ratio. Great job guys!!!!

  7. Emanuel (verified owner)

    Migliore qualità/prezzo in commercio!
    Ben fatte e molto belle da vedere sulla mia KTM 1290 Super Adventure.
    I ragazzi sono molto disponibili e pronti a soddisfare ogni desiderio rispondendo subito alle mail.
    Soddisfattissimo e le consiglio sempre a tutti!

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