Crash Bars

The Heavy Duties crash bars will protect and minimize the risk of damage to your engine casing and fairings in case of a fall. Constructed using high-strength frame mounting points, they are designed so the force would be transferred to the frame of the motorcycle in case of an impact.

Panniers Rack

Heading out for an adventure?
The Heavy Duties panniers rack is the proper solution in order to improve your luggage carrying  capabilities.
Robustly constructed so it endures tough off-road conditions and yet elegantly matches the overall appearance.

Center Stands

The Heavy Duties center stands are built strong to make it easier for you to make your chain maintenance or wheel removal to change a tire while away on the road. The robust spring prevents the center stand dropping and getting in contact with debris while riding on rough terrain.

Accessories & Straps

Our accessories are functional and stylish.
The versatile Triko platform luggage rack, the strong Heavy Duties straps and  Pipers are all designed to make it easy for you to tightly secure travelling gear to the motorcycle. They are the result of our own  experiences and needs.

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