Heavy Duties Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

10.00  exc. Vat

  • Sold by piece
  • With 1 hook and two steel carabiners.
    Made from strong and resistant 35mm wide webbing with an overall length of
  • Triple-stitched zig-zag with high tenacity continuous filament thread with excellent breaking strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Top loop extension with rubber coated “S” hook and plated (for corrosion protection) spring-loaded lock-on carabineer for a double secure connection.
  • Features a spring-loaded lock-on carabineer bottom loop connection.
  • The secure lock is provided by steel quick-release cam buckle with spring.
  • The hooks have a breaking strength of 500 kg.
  • The carabiners have a breaking strength of 300 kg.
  • The cam buckles have a breaking strength of 800 kg


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There will always be an occasion that will require you to load your bike onto a trailer or truck for transport.
Tie-down straps are a useful tool for securing a bike for transport.
Their ease of use and ability to tighten and handle a heavy strain make them indispensable for this task.

The angle of attachment for tie-downs is important in order to ensure that maximum leverage is achieved so that the motorcycle won’t move or shift during transport. At least 10–15 degrees from vertical is minimum for safety, but 50–60 degrees is preferred.

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