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All listed prices are for a set of two panniers.



Heavy Duties Panniers built to withstand adventure.

The panniers we are now producing are the result of many testing hours, reflecting our evolution as engineers and travellers.
They combine utility and attractive design with sturdiness.

  • Made of 2 mm high grade aluminium alloy with 14 bending lines to ensure a high strength of the final structure, while maintaining a good balance between sturdiness and weight.
  • Innovative deep drawn lid and bottom. Deep drawing (cold forming) increases the structural resistance of the panniers and their waterproof qualities, while eliminating the need for welded corners.
  • Riveted bottom, sealed with silicone and an exchangeable rubber EPDM gasket securing the lid’s inner eversion to body contact surface and providing dust proof and waterproof storage in driving rain and water crossings.
  • 13 faces hard plastic corners. In house, mould injected high density polyethylene, with increased wear resistance, providing abrasion protection for the pannier’s corners. Exchangeable.
  • CNC milled and TIG welded. Robot and hand weld with attention to details. CNC milled for a perfect finish.
  • 4 plastic straps holders attached to the lid. In house, mould injected polyethylene, with increased wear resistance, round edges to avoid abrasion of the strap material, designed for different strap sizes. Exchangeable.
  • The panniers are securely attached and locked to the steel racks using high strength polyethylene mounting brackets. The fixing system is bolted on the panniers using 14 screws and nuts with thread lock. Our innovative panniers fixing system design allows release of the pannier from the rack in case of a strong shock in a force impact.
  • 1.5 mm laser cut steel toggle latch with Heavy Duties rhino stamping and one key for both panniers key lock system.

In case you would like to mount our panniers on a different rack and you would like to have the panniers without drilled holes for the fixing system, please contact us using the form at https://heavyduties.ro/contact/ or write us an email at heavyduties@gmail.com.

In case you would like to have different coating combinations for body and lid (the available colors are aluminium/grey/black), please contact us using the form at https://heavyduties.ro/contact/ or write us an email at heavyduties@gmail.com.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg

39l, 48l


aluminium color, gray coated +30 €, black coated +30 €

Fixing System

with panniers fixing system +60€, without fixing system – only backorder

Lid Opening

2 locks – removable, 1 lock and 1 hinge

7 reviews for HD Panniers Set

  1. Hannes

    Almost 5 years ago, I was looking for a pair of panniers for my BMW F 800GS. I was compairing different pannier brands for weeks and started with the usual suspects like Givi, Hepco, Trax and Touratech. Since I was aiming for a maximum of load capacity, with a mimimum of width and high durability, the Heavy Duties panniers (39l black) seemed to be the right choice.
    Their great advantage is, that they are built slightly higher than other panniers, without getting in the way of anything. I combined them with a slim exhaust and balanced pannier racks from another company so now the (39l) panniers are only about 2cm wider than the handlebar on each side, which is quite helpful for handling in urban regions with much traffic.
    Now after several years of daily commutes, an tours aroung europe – mainly on streets and gravel roads, but also for an enduro training I will sum up my experiences as follows.

    + they are still completely water tight after five years!
    + thy survived 2-3 drops of the bike at very low speed without taking damage apart from light scratches and so they also protected the rest of the bike
    + I can see NO signs of functional wear and tear, even all the hinges and locks are still working fine, without ever being oiled
    + children just love the white rhino on the side 🙂
    + the flat top is excellent for strapping other bags, bottles and whatnot on it

    0/- was a bit hard to find matching bags to put inside
    0/- the black colour slooooooowly turned into a dark gray => but to be honest the bike is on the outside during sun, rain and even a bit of snow for about 9 months a year because I don’t have a garage, so that was probably to be expected

    All in all I am still very happy about my purchase and would buy them again if I was in the same situation as 5 years ago. The brand name “Heavy Duties” really seems to be fitting these fine panniers. Also, the communication and transaction with Andrei and Alex worked perfectly, so I was glad to be their customer again for my Ural Sidecar a few years later 🙂

  2. Martin (verified owner)

    5/5 for Adventure Riding & Touring!
    The Panniers are well made and look great on my BMW F 800 GS. For On- & Offroadadventure they are perfect!
    I am using them with the HD Pannier Rack and the only downside i noticed is that when you are going fast in a asphalt curve the pannier is the first thing which touches the ground, even before the footpeg. Would be great if the rack or the mounting points on the pannier would lift the pannier a few centimeters higher for more lean angle. But beside this they are my best buddies for every kind of tour.

  3. Davide (verified owner)

    Ho comprato 2 valigie nere da 48 Litri per transalp Honda 600 anno 1998, per il tipo di moto consiglierei però le valigie da 39 Litri, un po piu piccole e piu gestibili, comunque resta il fatto che sono valigie veramente robuste che salvano spesso la moto da cadute accidentali, smontandosi senzqa rompere gli attacchi in pvc duro.
    Sono contento del mio acquisto.
    Mi chiedo solamente perché Heavy Duties non produca il bauletto posteriore nero con piastra.
    Lo comprerei subito!

  4. Chris (verified owner)

    I am really happy with the panniers. I have them for 2 years now and they fit my needs perfectly. They are very strong and reliable. Only thing I would love to have is a quick-lock-system to fix them to the bike.

  5. Hansjörg Prohl (verified owner)

    A piece of true craftsmanship. If Apple did panniers, they were like these. Bought mine two years ago.
    Needed spare parts this year (had lost a lid), replacement was in Germany within a week.
    Great service!

  6. Silvia Müller (verified owner)

    Ich habe die Koffer 2021 oder 2020 gekauft.
    Sie können qualitativ absolut mit den viel zu teueren Koffern von TT mithalten.

    Zur Zeit bin ich in Südamerika.
    Die Koffer haben schon ohne Probleme mehre Stürze überstanden.

    Ich würde sie jederzeit wieder kaufen.

    Auch die ganze Abwicklung lief top.

    Danke euch

  7. Emilio

    He comprado un par de maletas HD para mi Tenere 700, y aunque apenas tienen aún un par de viajes, no puedo estar más contento. No sólo son resistentes, perfectamente impermeables y se colocan de manera sencillísima, si no que además quedan estupendas con ese rinoceronte estampado.
    Comparadas con mis Touratech ZEGA anteriores, me gusta mucho más el sistema de cierre de HD, sencillo y resistente, que además no deja que la tapa salga volando aunque la llave esté sin echar.
    La atención al cliente es exquisita y muy rápida. Han solventado un montón de dudas que tenía, incluso antes de decidir el modelo de moto que iba a comprar, y siempre con enorme amabilidad.
    Por cierto, ¡las bolsas de IKEA de tamaño pequeño quedan perfectas en el interior!.
    Compré también el sistema de anclaje lateral y superior para el equipaje y se coloca de manera sencilla y sin necesitar ajuntas.
    Muchas gracias por la atención recibida, I hope this review in spanish will help you!

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