Heavy Duties Strong Elastic Luggage Straps

17.00  exc. Vat

  • Sold by piece
  • With one cam buckle, one aluminium carabiner and strong elastic
  • Heavy Duties woven logo webbing strap
  • The elastic reinforced strap has a quick-release steel cam buckle for adjusting the length of the webbing around your luggage and firmly holding it in place.
  • Made from strong and resistant 35mm wide webbing with an overall length of
  • The cam buckles have a breaking strength of 800 kg

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Due to the strong elastic, these straps will always keep your luggage firmly and securely in place without having to keep tighten them regularly.
With adjustable length, fit for varied shapes and sizes of luggage!

Each strap has a length of strong elastic, friction protected by double webbing, with a small webbing loop at one end (The entire strap can be passed through the small loop and secured to one anchoring point) and a larger webbing loop with an aluminium carabiner for fast anchoring at the other (the carabiner will open and the larger loop will be secured around the other anchoring point).

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