The Team!

Our team gets bigger everyday, as the demand for our accessories increases.

Brought together by motorcycle passion or growing into it once among us.

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Vlad Murariu

co-founder & doctor engineer in machine building technology
Loves to develop and build new equipment and machinery to make everybody’s work a bit easier, giving purpose to long forgotten metal giants.
Together with Alex and Bogdan, works on designing new prototypes and testing them in his world travels, before turning out new products and accessories.
He is a very passionate motorcycle traveler and even though his time is so precious, he tries to take on a few adventures every year in the saddle of his Yamaha Tenere, accompanied by his wife, Teo and friends.
With places like the Balkans, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Iran and Mauritania under the belt, I guess is safe to say, he enjoys the desert as much as he loves the mountains.

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Alex Murariu

co-founder & engineer geologist
Well, yes. He is a mountaineering passionate as he is a motorcycle adventurer and a machinery refurbisher lover.
He works on designing new accessories and products.
He is also the Alex behind thousands of emails.
Together with Andrei, will sort out your order and take care you receive everything.
He will receive your feedback and give it further to our team.
A few weeks each year, Alex rides his KTM 950 or his Africa RD03 into cool adventures, in some of the remotest places of Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Peru, Chile or Argentina.
Not long ago he got to ride a Royal Enfield in the Himalayas and he plans to definitely go back. In the company of his girlfriend and good friends, he loves to try all sorts of different terrains searching for adventure and majestic scenery.
He loves playing drums and dreams of becoming a very good drummer.

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Bogdan Nechita aka Chopper

chef welder & maps specialist
The first official member of our team and best welder there is.
From designing to building prototypes, nothing goes on without him.
He takes care of the welding business and makes sure everything going out is up to standard.
Proud owner of a BMW R1150GS, which he rebuilt to his own liking, ready now to embark on some kind of marvelous adventure. You may have already guessed, he loves building stuff and working on all sort of machines.
We shared together the road through Georgia, Armenia, even further to Kazakhstan. Bosnia and Kosovo, sleeping in mined meadows, riding in the Albania’s Theth Mountains.

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Andrei Gheorghiu

automotive engineer & guitar player
He is a rockstar motorcyclist and our very trustworthy, panniers production team manager.
He gets involved in design ideas and is Alex’s right hand.
He will most likely answer your emails.
He takes care of your orders and makes sure everything is shipped correctly.
When he is not busy working, he is busy playing guitar or bass guitar, or maybe drums? He loves music and plays in just 3 very successful bands.
When he is not somewhere in concert, he loves rock climbing and riding his Yamaha XT up the mountains.

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Zsolt Orban

travel and tourism expert / marketing strategist in becoming
Involved in the panniers production team, he has a lot of responsibilities in all the processes the aluminium sheet goes through, before it takes the final shape, making sure each one is done correctly.
He is a very serious guy at work, but I am sure, parties a lot in his free time.
He enjoys traveling, and of course tourism, riding his bicycle and spending time with friends.

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Alex Orzea

accounting and management graduate / downhill biker
He is an important member of our panniers production team, carefully preparing all the parts and meticulously assembling the boxes, making sure they look top.
Downhill mountain biking hero.
Passionate about motorcycle and photography. Loves to work on his bike, on the kitchen’s table, but also to ride out with his girlfriend in the mountains during the weekends.

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Francisca Iles

panniers specialist
Our youngest colleague in the panniers production team.
She handles the details of your panniers with a delicate, but firm hand.
Frany, is keen on learning new stuff and trying on new adventures.
She is now learning to drive a motorcycle, goes out rock climbing and traveling around in her free time.
She loves spending time with friends, rocking out festivals.

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Ramona Ienciu

engineer geologist/ media and communication enthusiast
I like to see people happy around me.
Geologist by profession, Heavy Duties passionate by choice.
Responsible for media content and photography. I like writing and I am currently the one designing the Heavy Duties website, besides Alex. If something is not yet working, please blame it on me.
I will be the one answering your Facebook and Instagram messages.
I love making stuff with my own two hands and I am also the one sewing the Heavy Duties Straps. So, please get some!
I love beautiful design, plants and cooking, spending time getting to know people.
In my free time, I travel the world with Alex, trying to capture all the amazing things around us with my eyes and my camera.

Stefan Ursan

welder apprentice
Stefan is learning from the best and he is working along side Chopper.
He is turning steel bars into crash bars, racks and other amazing protection devices for your motorcycle.
He is a rocker and still young enough to be partying a lot with friends, of course, at rock concerts.

Together we manage to bring ideas and drawings to life.