YAMAHA XTZ750 Super Tenere Center Stand

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102.30  exc. Vat

  • made from 17.3mm and 21.3 mm steel pipe construction
  • Center stand allows easy maintenance and wheel removal
  • MIG  and TIG welded for extra strength
  • Protected against corrosion by powder coating after sandblasting
  • Bolts directly to the frame with no modifications needed
  • Mounting hardware included

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The Heavy Duties center stands are built strong from 17.3 mm and 21.3 mm thick wall steel pipe, to make your chain maintenance or rear wheel removal easy while away on the road or in your garage.

We use a robust and rigid spring that prevents the center stand dropping and getting in contact with debris while riding on rough terrain, protecting it from damage.

Installation is straight forward with included hardware and doesn’t require any modification to the motorcycle. The design ensures ease of use without sacrificing ground clearance or cornering ability.


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 70 × 40 × 50 cm

11 reviews for YAMAHA XTZ750 Super Tenere Center Stand

  1. Bram (verified owner)

    nice and sturdy Center stand, matt finish looks good.
    fitment not perfect i had to use one M8 bolt instead of M10 to because holes were not aligned.
    overall happy with the product.

  2. Moe

    Easy to install, very rugged and great price! You just have to get the bike off the Center stand before folding in the side stand, otherwise the center stand doesnt fold in completely

  3. Mike Walker (verified owner)

    It’s incredibly difficult to put the bike on this stand and should only be attempted with a second person to help lift.
    It’s also really awkward with the side stand getting in the way.
    I also have a 1200GS which is really easy to get on the centre stand and this bike is a lot heavier.
    Heavy Duties have not looked at the ergonomics when designing. Disappointing.

  4. Zvone (verified owner)

    Center stand is too high.

    • andreiheavyduties


      Thank you for your reviews.
      We are building the central stands in order to be used also with off-road tires, which have significantly larger studs.
      Our accessories are designed for adventure and we consider it mandatory to be able to fix a flat tire, front or rear, in harsh environments as well.

      Kind regards,

  5. Víctor Mondéjar (verified owner)

    Perfect center stand for my xtz750. Easy assembly and quality product. Good work Heavy Duties!

  6. Stefan Dumitru

    The stand is sturdy and well made. There is a slight fitment problem. I had the bare chassis when i installed it and even so it took some creative thinking and positioning to align the last holes for the last bolt. I do all my maintenance on all my bikes and a center stand is a must. when i started the rebuild process i started from the center stand upwards. It s also perfectly positioned so that the bike is balanced when on the stand. you can swing it from the front to the rear tire with one finger. it s on the tall side but grate for who planes to increase the suspension height

  7. Lyderic (verified owner)

    Very high center stand !
    But it will be OK later…. after some training.
    I was about to remove side stand, but I’ll keep it lol

  8. Arturs Steve (verified owner)

    Communication – perfect!
    Delivery – super fast!
    Fitment – spot on!
    Ease of use – as good as it can be for such a heavy bike!
    Recomennd 👌

  9. Arturs (verified owner)

    Communication – excellent!
    Delivery – superfast!
    Fitment – spot on!
    Ease of use – As good as it can be for such a heavy bike

    Came fast, seller informed me of all the details, including tracking nr. The stand fit perfectly and was really easy to install as it came with nice and shiny bolts

    Definitely recommend.

  10. Maddin (verified owner)

    Klasse Hauptständer, richtig stabiel. Endlich steht das Motorrad sicher und es kann daran gearbeitet werden.
    Tip Top verpackt und auch schnell da.

    Wenn man das richtige Werkzeug wie Nusskasten, Steckschlüsselset, Maulschlüssel, einen Hebel für die kleinere Verschraubung und Erfahrung hat geht der Ständer mit den dazu gelieferten Schrauben zu montieren. Und wie schon in einer anderern Bewertung geschieben wurde, passt die zweite kleiner Schraube nicht perfekt, kleiner Versatz ca. 5mm der Löcher. Nach dem erten hebeln waren es nur noch ca. 3mm. Deswegen mit passendem Hebel arbeiten und vorsichtig die Schraube reinschrauben. Oder das Motorrad gleich in die Werkstatt des Vertrauen schaffen.

    Also gute Fahrt auf eurer Yamaha und Gruß Maddin

  11. Mike P. (verified owner)

    Nicht gerade Plug and Play aber sehr stabil das ganze
    Negativ der Haupstständer kollidiert mit dem Seitenständer da müsste was gemacht werden
    Kann ich trotzdem weiter Empfehlen

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